Sendgrid Data Processing Agreement

11.1 Security measures. Twilio has implemented and maintains the technical and organizational measures provided for in security checks to protect personal data from a security incident. For more information on technical and organizational security measures for Twilio services, please visit and (b) SendGrid services at There are a number of legal reasons why your organization can process personal data. For some data uses, there is no need for consent – you don`t need it. B of a signatory`s agreement to keep their name and signature in a business contract. But when it comes to maintaining a mailing list via email, you should get the consent of your recipients. 15. Skill Specific Conditions. To the extent that Twilio processes personal data from applicable data protection legislation that is protected by existing data protection legislation in one of the legal orders listed in Title 4, in addition to the terms of this addition, the conditions set out in Schedule 4 apply to jurisdictions (“Jurisdiction Specific Terms"). In the event of a conflict or ambiguity between the conditions of jurisdiction and the other conditions of this addendum, priority is given to the applicable jurisdictional conditions.

7.3 Current subprocessors and notification of new subprocessors. If Twilio Ireland Limited or Twilio Japan G.K. are the Twilio part of the agreement, the customer agrees that Twilio will hire Twilio Inc. as a subprocessor with its primary processing facilities in the United States of America. The client agrees that Twilio will entrust additional third-party subprocessing for the processing of customer content within The Services for authorized purposes, provided that Twilio has an updated list of its subprocessors in, which includes a mechanism for the customer to subscribe to notifications related to new subprocessors. If the customer subscribes to these notifications, Twilio will provide details of the changes to the subprocessors as soon as possible. With respect to changes to infrastructure providers, Twilio will endeavour to terminate 60 days before any changes, but in all cases it will not disclose any less than thirty (30) days before this change. For the other Twilio subprocessors, Twilio will review thirty (30) days before each change, but will communicate no less than ten (10) days before such a change. Third-party services. Services provided to OEM users under this agreement include certain services developed, provided or maintained by third parties of OEM (“third parties"). The access or use of these services (“third-party services") by OEM users is subject to a separate agreement that the OEM user may enter into (or would have entered into) with respect to these third-party services (a “service contract for third parties").

The terms of a third-party service contract apply to third-party services that are provided under this third-party service contract in addition to the terms of this contract. Except in this agreement, the terms of a third-party service contract will be monitored in the event of a conflict between the terms of this Agreement and this third-party service contract. All other third-party services are subject to the terms of this Agreement. Each third-party provider retains all rights, titles and interests on and on all third-party services, as well as on all software, hardware or other technologies used to provide these services, as well as additions, improvements, updates and modifications to these services. Any third party is a beneficiary of the terms of this Contract for third-party services provided by the third party and has all the rights necessary to enforce this Agreement to the OEM user in the event of a violation of these conditions.

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