Taxi Lease Agreement Sample

PandaTip: Rental prices must be described in the most detailed way possible, the car or other vehicle can be rented for a flat fee, a weekly fee, a monthly fee, per trip or per mile. Examples include: “… $5,000," the $500 per calendar month paid on the last day of each month in which the car lease is in effect." the sum of $0.50 per mile that leads the vehicle to be payable monthly and to calculate from the vehicle`s mileage meter. PandaTip: If you do not wish to include the right of conciliation or if you wish to choose another arbitrator, please remove or amend this clause. Arbitration is a private agreement (unlike litigation) and is sometimes included to show the parties that they cannot be helpful in threatening to take legal action, but rather that they must be prepared to go through a fair arbitration hearing. 7.11 The owner undertakes to cover the costs of maintenance and repair of routine vehicles due to normal and express wear, except for damage caused by a collision. The tenant can pay and recover the costs to the landlord only with the prior written consent of the landlord. This autoleasing contract (the “contract") defines the conditions under which [LESSOR NAME] (the “renter") is a company duly registered in accordance with the laws of [STATE] with the number [REGISTERED NUMBER] and having its registered address with [ADDRESS] that leases a vehicle to [LESSEE NAME] (the “Lessee"), a company duly registered in accordance with the laws of [STATE] with the registered number [REGISTERED NUMBER] leases a vehicle to [LESSEE NAME] (the “Lessee") which is a company duly registered in accordance with the laws of [STATE] with registered number [REGISTERED Number] and which has its address registered with [ADDRESS] to rent a vehicle to [LESSEE NAME] (the “Lessee"), since it is a company duly registered in accordance with the laws of the state [STATE] with the registered number [REGISTERED NUMBER]. , the “parties").

7.17 The tenant agrees not to sublet the vehicle. PandaTip: If this rental agreement applies to a vehicle that is not a car, you may need to change some of the above information. PandaTip: In this example of a car rental contract, the “renter" is the person who owns the vehicle and the “tenant" is the person who will rent it. The tenant is not required an authorized driver (the list of drivers is indicated in schedule B). The tenant may be a natural or legal person (such as a business). If the tenant is a natural person, you should amend the above clause to reflect this fact. PandaTip: This model of car rental contract must be used in the case of a rental (loan) of a car or other vehicle. It is not appropriate to rent car rentals or other vehicles. If you are renting a vehicle that is not a car, you should update Schedule A accordingly. 7.24 The failure or delay of one of the parties to apply a clause in that car rental agreement or to act in the event of a breach of a clause does not constitute a waiver of its rights. 1.10 This car rental contract can be executed in English or other languages. In the event of a conflict between the agreement in its various translations, the English version is given priority.

8. VARIATION Any changes to this car rental agreement are made in writing and signed by both parties, with the exception of changes to Schematics A and B, which may be attached to a replacement version of the calendar that must be signed and dated by both parties. 3. LESSEE OBLIGATIONS It is agreed that the tenant will use the vehicle during the operation of this car rental contract under the terms of this car rental contract and will return the vehicle instead of collection on or before the return date with the same fuel content as when the vehicle was withdrawn. In addition, it is agreed that the tenant will pay the rental prices immediately and will comply with the conditions set out in point 7. 5.2 The vehicle is recovered by [LOCATION] on [DATE].

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