Sioux Falls School District Negotiated Agreement

Section A contains guidelines, rules and exhibits on the legal role of the district in providing public education and the fundamental principles underlying school leadership. These guidelines provide a framework for all other school authority directives and regulations. Section K contains guidelines, rules and exhibits on parent and municipal involvement in schools. With the exception of the guidelines for educational agencies, this section also provides explanations of the public sector`s relationship with the school district. *N/A indicates that the issue has not been resolved as part of the documents verified by NCTQ. ** The number of school district teachers, enrolments and demographics are from the 2016-2017 school year and are from the National Center for Education Statistics. Among the natives are Indians, Alaskans and Hawaiian Natives Policies and Regulations are classified by the National Education Policy Network (NEPN) classification system. Please note that section H (negotiations) is not mentioned. Within the Sioux Falls School District, bargaining matters are resolved through each bargaining unit`s working agreement with the district, in accordance with the GB Personnel Policy. Learn more about stacking the Sioux Falls School District with similar districts. Section B contains guidelines, by-laws and exhibits within the school committee – how it is appointed, how it is organized, how it organizes meetings and how the board of directors operates. This section contains statutes and guidelines defining the internal operating procedures of the Board of Directors. Section J contains guidelines, rules and exhibits about students: admission, attendance, rights and obligations, behaviour, discipline, health and well-being, and school-related activities.

Section D contains guidelines, rules and exhibits on school finances and fund management. (However, guidance on financing the construction and renovation of schools is provided in Section F, Facilities Development.) Section C contains guidelines, rules and exhibits relating to school management, administrative organization and management of school buildings and services, including administrative aspects of special curricula and system-wide reforms, such as school or location management. It also contains staffing guidelines for the Superintendent, the Senior Administrator (Management Team) and the Principal. . . . .

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